How Australian’s retain their classic way of living despite manic update of gadgets

How Australian’s retain their classic way of living despite manic update of gadgets

Aside from being known as the ‘jokers’ and one who has a multicultural society that practices a lot of cultural values and traditions, Aussies were also famous for being sentimental that’s why somehow it is also a challenge for them on how to pass their values to the next generation that gives importance to gadgets that somehow leads them on being too much dependent. No one can control the hastily rush of companies such as Sony, Samsung and etc. on upgrading their electronics and gadgets in order to comply to the needs and wants of their users, just like how iPad serves as a mini-computer by also having the capability of sending emails, gaming purposes, browsing the web, and more. and later they released their version of the smartwatch.

The changes were very visible from where we only have cheap TV, and computer monitors up to iPhone or smartphones and tiny gadgets they were able to invent that we can now use as our fashion statements. Likewise, that’s the main goal of ASICS, a sportswear and sports equipment in one.

Regardless of the Cons of gadgets no doubt it’s a big help on how it makes our life easier, small things like the steam mop that can be used as alternatives for a regular mop and replaced the purpose of washing the carpets with detergent because it uses heat in removing the dirt. In addition to that, it also makes us feel safe or secured just like how the dashcam works, it serves as a small video camera that we attach to our cars to record the detail of our road trip.

They were not able to make gadgets disappear and that’s totally impossible but Australians recommend having strong family ties due to it helps by guiding but not being completely dependent on each other but to provide a firm responsible individual.

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